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December 10, 2007

waterboarding is not surfing

Today I am at ESAN a very large MBA school near Lima. After lunch we will listen to a panel discussion re: trade and economic development. This follws the presentation and discussion this morning from the director of an USAID organization. We are now deep in the academic portion of the trip.

This weekend I danced on the streets of Lima with Andean natives. This was not by choice. After my exploitation, the group I was with went to a few museums to get a bit more in touch with the native culture of Peru. We had dirnks at sunset at a beach restaurant while we were entertained by surfers and a sea lion. The weather here is perfect. I would guess that it has been between 60 and 79 degrees for the past few days. The wind off the Pacific Ocean picks kicks up a pleasant breeze all day. Much different than the ice and snow back home. From what I understand it only rains here a couple days per year.

One of the museums that we visited was the Museum of the Inquisition. Political prisoners were tortured using various methods including suffocation and stretching until they confessed their sins. One of the barbarictactics on display was water boading, where the torturer repeatedly fills the prisoners lungs with water (causing the sensation of drowning) until the prisoner confesses his crimes. The same practice is now used by the US inteeligence agencies. Will we not learn?

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