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February 1, 2010

my apartment re-envisioned

Today, annoyed at how the space I live in disfunctions, I began to re-envision my apartment. The problem with the layout (pictured below) is that the bedrooms are scattered and the public areas do not relate to each other. At parties, the long hallway gets clogged, and, in the morning, I wake up to people rustling in the pantry. My roommates complain that the TV is too loud.

current layout

My solution is to convert the kitchen to a large bedroom, move the bath to a space underutilized by two hall closets, and use the freed space as a public area at the front of the apartment. A door in the hall already divides the two spaces.

apartment reimagined

After a little more thought, I realized the simplest execution would be to leave the original bathroom in place and simply switch the kitchen and front bedroom (BED 4). 😉 The old closet door will lead directly into the original bathroom, providing public access.

apartment option

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