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May 18, 2010

building a new deck.

After year’s of direct sun and little maintenance, this deck on the southern side of my parent’s house needed attention. I planned to simply remove and replace the deck’s damaged railings and deck boards. However, while deconstructing the deck, I found that the posts were resting on grade; covered with only inches of dirt. I quickly decided to remove the entire deck and start from scratch.

demolition begun

Day 1 of the rebuild started with delivery of materials from Deering Lumber.


It took me most of the day — with help from my 5-year-old nephew — to set 7 posts and install the rim board. Note that the new deck is freestanding and about eight inches closer to grade than the previous one. I forgot to order bolts to attach the framing to the posts, so I used deck screws as a temporary fix. I’ll grab the needed bolts tomorrow and finish framing the new deck.


On the second day of the rebuild, I secured the framing to the posts with lag screws, set hangers, and installed joists. I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped to be. Yet, I still hope to finish out the project on day 3.

After weeks of delays, I finally completed this little deck. Once I rip the last board and snugly attach it adjacent to the house, I’ll finally be able to attach the last step.

last step

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