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July 25, 2010


My journey is at an end, the tale has been told.
The reader who has followed so faithfully and so
far has a right to ask what message I bring back.
It can be stated in three words:
concentrate upon Uganda!

[Uganda] is alive by itself. It is vital, and in my
view, in spite of its insects and diseases, it ought,in
the course of time, to become the most prosperous
of all our East African possessions, and perhaps the
‘financial driving wheel’ of this part of the world.

My counsel plainly is – concentrate upon Uganda!
Nowhere else in Africa will little money go so far.
Nowhere else will results be more brilliant, more
substantial or more rapidly realised.

Uganda is from end to end a ‘beautiful garden’
where ‘staple food’ of the people grows almost
without labour. Does it not sound like a paradise
on earth? It is the Pearl of Africa.

From ‘My African Journey’

By Winston Churchill (1908)

July 22, 2010

shopping and packing for two years in Africa

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I leave for Africa in a couple weeks and I find myself shopping to assuage the general apprehension of moving to a completely foreign place to work at an assignment that is still in flux. Two new pairs of shoes so far. I’d fill up my entire duffel with shoes if I could but I guess I need room for all this stuff:

• 3 pairs Banana Republic chinos
• 1 pair Hurley jeans
• 3 H&M short sleeve button-downs
• 3-4 favorite button-downs or polos
• brown belt  
• 1-3 neck ties
• lounge pants
• board shorts
• 3-4 cotton Ts
• 7 pairs of PACT trunks, 6 pairs H&M briefs, 7 pairs CK low-rise trunks
• 7-10 casual and sport socks
• bike rain suit
• JA navy blazer
• CK suit
• wind breaker ???
• american apparel sweatshirt
• long sleeve (lounge) shirt
• cap
• extra pair of eyeglasses
• sunglasses
• LED headlamp + batteries
• toiletries for a month
• Jansport book bag
• power adapter
• towel
• bible, 2 novels, 2 biz/economics texts, Uganda guide book
• GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press + Java Grinder
• 2 27 oz Kleen Kanteen water bottles
• still and video cameras w/ extra batteries and chargers
• duct tape
• alarm clock
• playing cards
• birch bark bed sheets and pillow case
• plastic mattress cover
• Pearce wool blanket
• Leatherman
• 13” Macbook Pro
• iPod w/ Sennheiser HD 497
• external hard drive
• Visa/AmEx cards for emergency
• [Pampered?] chef knife
• vegetable peeler
• feather pillow
• U.S. stamps
• food storage containers
• Tenergy USB-5000 Hybrid Solar Charger

and the shoes (so far):

• Rockport oxfords
• Kenneth Cole oxfords
• Columbia sport sandals
• Merrell hiking boots

The next step is hauling a closet full of clothing to the Goodwill.

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