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November 9, 2010

Everyone looks the same in the dark.

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Hey y’all! Thanks for following my updates here. I moved into my wee little village just a few weeks ago and am loving it. Sure language is difficult and it can be hard to find work, but overall it really is stellar!!! I’m also so happy that I don’t have to go through this alone. Even in the short time I’ve been here in Sheema, I’ve had the chance to go out on a few shopping trips with friends from training and even eat a hamburger or two. Should have packed another suitcase. I’m realizing now that my clothes are wearing out pretty fast. My mom and older sis, Jen, went on a shopping spree Sunday and promise to send me two shirts. I might also have one or two made.

As you can see below, the mountains that surround my house are beautiful. I literally didn’t have to walk more than a couple hundred yards to take each of the photos. Uganda is a pretty amazing place. I hope to explore more of it soon. I just carved up my first pineapple. It sure was sweet. This weekend some of the Peer Support Network folks are hosting a welcome party for us newbies. I’m pretty hyped to see some of the friends I made during training and meet other folks from the area as well. It’ll be the first night I don’t sleep at my house since I moved in.

Enjoy the snaps and write back. Life is pretty slow here so there hasn’t been a whole lot to report yet. Except that I might be closer to my goal. My neighbor and I talk just about every night.

through the matoke tree
mountains fenced in
matoke and beans

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