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December 12, 2010


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I’ve got a lot to say about my site and travels over the past few weeks. I’ll get to that later. But today I want to talk about hippos. Yes. Big lumbering beasts that stay submerged in the water all day only to lift their heads to flick their ridiculously small ears. These are amazingly interesting creatures. I went on a boat safari with a group of Peace Corps volunteers in Queen Elizabeth Park yesterday. The pontoon vessel eased us passed an elephant, monkeys, kob, buffalo, waterbuck, and hippos. In fact the Kasinga Channel, which we powered through, is said to have the largest concentration of hippos in the world. I literally squeeled with delight as a baby hippo splashed through the water to snuggle with his mamma. We had so much fun on this little sunset cuise. bye for now.

Photo courtesy of Britt Larson.

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