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July 18, 2012

in the end it all begins again

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I am no longer a Peace Corps volunteer. I suppose that this is the point at which I am supposed to vent but I have no energy for that. I am happy to have served for two years. Now, I am moving on to a new adventure. Yes, moving on .. but not far. Next week I start work with Relief International in Mbarara, Uganda. I’ll be commercializing the BOB rainwater bag. From what I understand the national product launch is in August. We start assembling the product here in Uganda at the end of July. I’ll fill you in all the details after I get a bit more debriefed myself.

Anyway, I’ve had a few weeks between jobs for some R&R in the states. I started in Maine to visit with my sister and family. Took a quick trip to Boston. Stayed in NYC for only four nights. Now I am in Tennessee with my parents hours before my plane leaves to take me back to the UG. The whole trip has been topsy turvey. It’s been great to reconnect with both family and friends after two years outside the country. My time in New York was way too short. Saw a show every day and then partied until 3 or 4 in the morning. Sunday was karaoke in Chelsea; beer pong on Bleecker Street and a rooftop cocktail on Monday; Tuesday I revisited a bit of all that after an indie rock show in Brooklyn. Folks were out for their morning jog by the time I was making my way to bed. The town never sleeps indeed. I loved it and am putting it on my list of places I might want to live when I return to the states. Next time I just need to follow my heart …..

I promise to update later with more details about this transition. I just couldn;t let it pass without noting something for you here. To the right —> photos of America.



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